• Calvary greeting in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has called us into His church to serve and worship Him, I believed and sure we are all enjoying the blessing of God starting from the beginning of the year.
  • The voice of God spoken to us from 1st of January says this year 2017 shall be for signs and wonders also is this year God want to bless His people.
  • Therefore the Theme of the Year 2017 is:
    Scriptures are Philippians 4 vs 19, James 1 vs 17, Isaiah 41 vs 10, John 1 vs 16 and Joel 2 vs 25-26
  • Because of the voice of God over His ministry the theme of this month of June is:
    Scriptures are John 16 vs 33 Romans 8 vs 37 1 John 5 vs 5 and Revelation 3 vs 21
  • By the grace of God our program in this sanctuary remain the same Sundays 11:45-2pm and I urge all of us to invite families and friends also tell them to come and enjoy the blessing of God.
  • Our place of worship will change back to unit 2 and we will be having our vigil from 1st week in July so the date of our first vigil is 8th of July. Time- 10pm-1mid night.
  • Baptismal class start from 10th of June time 3:00pm-4:00pm in our church auditorium
    With the help of Holy Spirit every first Sunday of the month will be our thanksgiving giving service also
  • Every last Sunday of the month will be Holy Communion service.
  • Let us pray for the each other and always remember the church in prayer.
  • Our evangelism is every Saturday from 12:00 noon also personal evangelism is every day.

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